Fairwind Shipping - Marine Consultancy and Support

Evaluation / Consultation Services

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Evaluation of new Shipping Business.

We provide advisory services for the evaluation of New Shipping projects. Clients include owners, bankers and charterers needing expert feasibility studies and risk appraisals on new business.

We believe that financial institutions could benefit from an independent project appraisal on new shipping lending in addition to the more normal asset valuation. The independent evaluation would identify all risk areas and quantify the downside elements on projects.

General Maritime Consultancy.

We will undertake the preparation of Corporate plans and assistance with divestment and acquisition strategies. We will advise owners and National lines on all forms of management and administrative problems from initial start-up of new ownership companies to cost saving exercises and restructuring for old established companies. Fairwind will also assist channelling of freight revenues.

Financial Packaging.

We will assist project initiators in the preparation of project presentations, cash flows and investors in supervision of existing owners, ensuring expenditure controls and correct revenue forecasts. We are able to advise on equity and loan structures as well as the promoting projects to sources of equity and loan finance.

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