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Banks / Financial Services

Fairwind's Support services to banks and Financial institutions are designed to monitor and control risk at conception, in its early stages, as well as stepping in to assist with disasters.

Early warning signs.

The identification of potential risk may be achieved in several ways. Each individual case is dealt with using only the appropriate services.

Financial restructuring and negotiation.

In many cases early identification of a cash flow problem, however short term, aids an early debt restructuring to the satisfaction of all parties.

Search, locate and secure.

We can assist in locating vessels where trading information has ceased to be available from the owners.

Contingency and Standby operation.

If liquidation damages are to be minimised it is essential to act swiftly once a company is known to be in difficulty. Unfortunately the best and cheapest solutions are frequently frustrated by vessel arrest by other creditors or time delays in setting up new structures.

Involuntary Acquisition followed by trading and judicial positions.

We will act on behalf of any client as de facto owner of their vessels or alternatively organise the formation of a new owning company and re-flagging if required. We can advise the market situation and develop various alternative scenarios to assist the client in determining its course of action. All our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Confidential searches.

We are able to undertake searches on the current credit worthiness and/or background of both existing or potential bank borrowers. These are provided on a confidential basis and care is taken that the screening should not precipitate an action from creditors.

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